PR3 – 18Oct2012 “Nuptials for the Dead” a Surreal and Luminous Rite of Passage

“Nuptials for the Dead” Leads Audiences in a Surreal and Luminous Rite of Passage Set to 19th-Century Art Song 

Colorado newcomers Luminous Thread debut daring season with a love letter to musical ancestors

Oct 18, 2012 (Denver, COLO) – Ghostly torsos shaped in white linen float in the air above young women in Edwardian bridal gowns that themselves look as if they’ve been left in the garden for a season. A woodland goddess draws back the moon as a bow to subdue a hunter who’s wandered into her wood. Haunting lines of a melody by Clara Schumann enfold a grotesque bouffon Marie Antoinette and her lover in a spell of unrequited longing. Be prepared for wonder and strange catharsis as a ballerina becomes airborne, sculptures become garments, and multiple brides vie for the ring in a dreamlike wedding ceremony. Classical singers, dancers, bouffoniers, and costumers conspire to spark the senses in this Day of the Dead inspired show.

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Born in a moment of inspiration when show creator Mary Lin introduced her opera friends to her circus friends, this vertical three-ring spectacle explodes on the senses with multiple layers of movement, symbolism, and visual and auditory delights.

“For centuries, women have struggled to balance artistic expression with the demands of family and society,” said Mary Lin. “All artists but especially performers race against time – there are only so many hours in a life for the outer world and the inner. The thread that connects our past to our future is the timeless stuff we use to make art, like a human voice lifted in a wooden room, the humble objects of domestic life, and the power of simple materials like wire and linen crafted into strange props and creatures for use in storytelling.”

Artistic Director: Mary Lin

Music Director: Andrew Adams


Ben Sargent

Luminous Thread Productions



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