About Luminous Corps(e) Practice

“The Luminous Corps(e) is the living body of performance. The ensemble moves and breathes as one body, one mind. Physical performers, dancers, and singers are indistinguishable from one another in their presence onstage. Here, a group breaks from a tableau of bodies to lift voices in song; others elongate from the assemblage to lift an acrobat or a dancer into the air.

“The experience for audience members is edge-of-the-seat expectation, participation in the moment, an electric sense of aliveness and connectedness. Yes, we are alive, we are here, we are living this moment as one body, one mind, one heart.” –Mary Lin, Artistic Director, Inventing Earth

Luminous Corps(e) is the ensemble core practice of Luminous Thread Productions. Performers in Luminous Thread shows comprise a living core/corps de movement and song. All performers in LT shows participate in cutting-edge ensemble practice which includes physical and vocal embodiment, body/mind awareness, and contemplative (meditative) techniques. These approaches have been proven to bring lifelong resilience and longevity to the artist and create a living richness to the performance ensemble that is rare in theatre and even more rare in opera.

The component exercises of Luminous Thread are drawn from and inspired by disciplines including yoga, Body-Mind-Centering, experiential anatomy and somatic awareness, meditation, ecstatic dance, classical, ethnic, contemporary and post-modern dance practice, butoh, Viewpoints, and dozens of other approaches from around the world and world traditions.

Our approach is Integral in nature, meaning we seek through our art to widen the circle of conversation and understanding about complex topics and human experiences; to bring important concepts to light and life, to open understanding and dialogue between different points of view. This point of view is reflected in the inclusive metastructure of Luminous Corps(e) practice.

Luminous Corps(e)practice is ongoing in Denver / Boulder, Colo. Please contact mary (a) inventingearth dot org  for more information.

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