inventing_earth_logo_correctedLuminous Thread is a program of Inventing Earth, a Colorado-based non-profit. The program sponsors large-scale production workshops to develop new interdisciplinary works in the performing arts. Luminous Thread production workshops bring together seasoned veterans in the arts and young career professionals to create original theatrical works based in both the operatic tradition and the post-modern idiom. The threads we weave together include classical and world music, ballet, contemporary and world dance, cabaret, sketch comedy, traditional theatre forms (commedia dell’arte, bouffon, German expressionism, etc.), visual design, sculpture, costume, and more.

Creating complex interdisciplinary performance works in the production workshop environment aids in the transmission of a range of creative practices across generational and cultural boundaries, as well as between the classical disciplines of dance, music, physical theatre, and design. Luminous Thread also promotes a somatics-based performance practice to increase physical and group awareness and allow performers to extend the longevity of their professional careers.

Luminous Thread In The News

Luminous Thread Dreampunk Season on Westword

Luminous Thread Productions brings dreampunk theater to Denver. Denver CO 2012.

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Press Releases

30 March, 2013 – Luminous Thread “Gears Up” with World’s First Full-Length Original Steampunk Opera

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Video Links

 Song of the Earth, from The Greenest Branch, Boulder Reading 2014

  1. Dougnus says:

    Can anyone recommend a good reference source about Twentieth Century Art Movements?

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