2015 – 2016 Season

Flying Body Choir has met monthly since July 2015. We are now moving to bi-monthly sessions. This group of singers first got together for the Conduction Workshops with Dino in May 2015. The group continued meeting over the fall and winter to develop a new sound and new way of working, resulting in a new form of group singing, called terracanto. We are working with a variety of elements, including Natural Music Theory, extended vocal techniques via embodiment (somatic singing), overtone singing, bio-mimicry, and world vocal traditions.

Persian Music Intensive – Robyn Friend and Neil bring a unique opportunity to Colorado performers: Professional-level training in Persian vocal and rhythm traditions. Invitation only, please inquire if interested.

Shokufeh is hosting a Collaborative Residency on Flamenco/Persian/Butoh, with May Lin, Cynthia Ward, Lilly Kupfer-Hunter, Annie Lo, Jennifer Dunn, and others. In addition, we are bringing professional dancers from Flamenco and Butoh traditions to Longmont for intensives in the coming months. Stay tuned.

Oma Dance Theatre – We’re kicking off a new phase of development for Oma by expanding our host of puppets, building an actual Host of Elders and a set of illuminated Skellydancers. “Oma” means mother or grandmother in many regions and languages. We are looking forward to welcoming our world grandmothers to the stage and to the community.

Bread & Puppet Connections
As an homage to Peter Schumann of Bread & Puppet Theater, Ben started a weekly bread baking practice using a recipe in part recalled from having watched and asked questions of Schumann while he ground, fermented, and baked rye into bread.

See our end-of-year update on Inventing Earth activities in 2014-2015.