Climate Strange, Acid Oceans, Coral, and New Opera

Posted: April 14, 2013 by Mary Lin in Uncategorized

One of my favorite blogs, Planetsave, shared a story  about the effects of air pollution on coral growth.

Coral reefs are home to up to 25 percent of species in the oceans, and as any recreational ocean diver can tell you, the site of breathtaking beauty. However, ocean acidification from climate change gasses is taking its toll, slowing the growth rates of coral and endangering species.

We gave coral a voice as one of the sculptured sea-creature “puppets”, and I like him so much I’m looking forward to finding other stories for him and for all the sea-creatures in shows beyond Queen Victoria’s Floating Garden of Secrets and Natural Wonders. (Or perhaps the sequel. Ssssh. I didn’t say that.)

It turns out that all the super-saturated colors and patterns of the inhabitants of coral reefs serve a variety of purposes, from camouflage to sexual display to warning. Check out this National Geographic article and photos:

Coral reefs are the  most colorful places on earth.

Coral reefs are the most colorful places on earth.

It’s been fun finding a merry balance between the colors of the denizens of the deep and of the land/air people. Did we go overboard with the Kraken? You’ll have to come see for yourself. We still have tickets in Boulder, especially at the Pine Street Church, which is one of the coolest, steampunkiest venues ever for doing an opera (we’re in love with the acoustics, the wood carvings, and Holy Moses, what a pipe organ!) Just a few  dozen tickets left to the Denver show –

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