Zil on the hurdy gurdy

Posted: March 24, 2013 by Mary Lin in Uncategorized

This is Not Your Grandfather’s Opera

I grew up listening to opera. It was unavoidable: my parents were always playing their favorite performances on videocassette on TVs in various rooms in the house. Many visitors to our home were greeted with the indelible image of my mother humming along to a La Boheme on the rollaway cart in the kitchen as she spread pizza dough with her big wooden rolling pin, up to a dozen pies spread about ready for the oven.

Thus  it seems natural to us to have the stuff of opera – costumes, props, and musical instruments – spread about the house as we’re preparing to debut a new show. Check out these behind-the-scenes images of Zil jamming on the hurdy-gurdy during a costume fitting for the character she’s playing in Queen Victoria’s Floating Garden of Secrets and Natural Wonders. zilgurdy5 zilgurdy4

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