Taking French Steampunk Out for a Stroll with Arthur Morgan

Posted: June 2, 2012 by Ben Sargent in Uncategorized

At Le Petit Prince tonight, a charming restaurant in the University neighborhood just above Place Saint-Michel on the Left Bank in Paris, we ate dinner with Arthur Morgan, an essayist and philosopher of steampunk who edits http://french-steampunk.fr. He posits that since we now live in the future, and it’s not so great – in fact more than a bit ominous – we remember a time when the future was full of hope and optimism. A promoter of Cabaret Du Néant and too French to admit any such thing, still, he hinted that contemporary culture could benefit from a return to optimism about our collective future. 

Greene Fyre and Arthur Morgan by Île Saint-Louis in Paris, across the bridge from the Librairie Jules Verne

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